Sulfur dioxide

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Project Description

Synonyms: Sulfurous acid anhydride
CAS: 7446-09-5
Molecular Formula: SO2
Molecular Weight: 64.0638
Material Safety Data Sheet: Contact us for safety data sheet

Item(liquid SO2) Standard(GB/T3637-2011)
Excellent grade Premium grade First grade
appearance Colorless liquid
Sulfur dioxide(SO2),%≥ 99.97 99.90 99.60
residue,% ≤ 0.010 0.040 0.20
water,% ≤ 0.020 0.060 0.20

Application: It is used to manufacture inorganic sulfide and organic syntheses. Also it is used as pesticide and food preservative agent.

Sulfurous acid anhydride p