Para base ester

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Project Description

Synonyms: 2-(4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl ethyl hydrogen sulfate
CAS: 2494-89-5
Molecular Formula: C8H11O6NS2
Molecular Weight: 281.306
Material Safety Data Sheet: Contact us for safety data sheet

As the main material of producing reactive dyes, para base ester is used in the synthesis of vinyl sulfone reactive dyestuff.Para base ester is the most important intermediate to vinyl sulfone reactive dyestuff. In the last years, proportion of reactive dyestuff containing vinyl sulfone production is rising, and it has become the largest output reactive dyestuff in the world.

Quality standard
Grade Excellent grade Premium grade
Amino Value% 97.0 96.0
Purity% 96 95
undissolved substance mass fraction% 0.05 0.30
p-Chloroaniline mass fraction mg/kg 300 500
finenessResidue of standard sieve through aperture of 180 microns% 2.0 5.0

Para base ester p